Wiseman’s Ferry, vintage style

Let’s face it – Wiseman’s Ferry has everything you could ever want in a day trip, first, not one but two ferries, (and they’re free), a really, really old pub and the cutest little clutch of shops for some retail therapy whilst hubby props up the bar! A very popular destination for those looking for a nice drive, the road down into the valley is picturesque and winding, perfect for a fun Fangio-style run.

Once at the bottom and just before the town of Wiseman’s itself you have the option of turning left and going over the Hawkesbury river on the Webb’s creek ferry which accesses an even more picturesque road… eventually ending up in St Albans, where another really, really old pub awaits you, (well, old for Australia anyway), but I’ll leave a post on that for another day. 

The other option is to continue straight ahead through the town, down the big streets-of-San-Francisco-style hill and into the lush park grounds perfect for a picnic, bbq or a swim in the river, here is also ferry number two, which leads to a road that winds alongside the river to a little town called Spencer then about 30 minutes later Wollombi, (famous home of Dr Jurds jungle juice), and then the Hunter Valley.  

While in Wiseman’s itself look out for the little arcade handily situated next door to the pub…I found the perfect little antiques/vintage/collectables shop called, funnily enough, Wiseman’s Ferry Vintage and Collectables! I spoke to the owners, Karlene and Paul, (cute couple but camera shy), who have only owned it since November. It opens from Thursday to Monday, from 10am – 4pm. You have to check it out, it has the most divine things, and really prettily displayed.

Here is a taste of their wares, and don’t worry men, I’m going to the pub next week!!


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