Kurrajong: my favourite place for village atmosphere and cuteness!

OK, just for the sake of it, let’s put Bilpin and Kurrajong up against each other in the must-visit stakes. Who would win? Well, even though it would be a really close call, I’d have to go with Kurrajong. Once upon a time it was the area’s undisputed queen of the antique shops, unfortunately most have closed down now, however it still offers two very interesting ones. If that’s not enough to lure you there’s also a cute, eclectic row of shops, (including the most amazing lolly shop), an old sandstone-and-stained-glass church and a gorgeous hybrid called Sassafras Creek that combines a gallery, shop and restaurant and has a back verandah that literally hangs out over the hill!

Kurrajong is a cruisey, pretty drive about 15 minutes from Richmond. Firstly there’s the Hawkesbury river to cross:

Check out some of the local paddocks:

Follow the Bells Line of Road up through North Richmond then Kurmond then hang a left at the lights at the Kurrajong village sign…sweep past the church then come into…the village!

I have no idea why this fence is slap bang in the middle of the village street – I think it might be advertising for the guy who builds them – but it makes for an interesting picture!

Just off the main street there’s a big picnic area with a children’s playground, public loos and some interesting local handiwork:

At the bottom of the hill past the park is the old Kurrajong theatre, now turned into one of the antique shops still residing here, it used to also offer a cafe with old-fashioned grandma-style cooking but that’s closed now. The bathroom doors are still labelled ‘Actors’ and ‘Actresses’.

And finally, because I just can’t resist pretty things, here are a few of the cuties you can see there.

3 Comments to “Kurrajong: my favourite place for village atmosphere and cuteness!”

  1. wow, serenity exudes in your first few photos of kurrajong.
    while i think my wife, tina will surely love those porcelain pieces.

    ps : thanks for commenting on my blog and subsribing to it. i’ll link your site with mine. terima kasih from penang, malaysia!

  2. Thanks so much docgelo, I really enjoyed your beautiful photos and your cheerful writing style! I lived for 3 years in Penang as a child, my father was posted to the airforce base at Butterworth. They are some of the happiest memories for me, I hope you and your family have great fun!

  3. Really nice place. The wooden “chair” captured my eye. That is fantastic. Porcelain things are awesome. I like them very much. Here ordinary people paint them during winter time courses.


    It is interesting to read how You see them. Can ordinary people make beautiful things?

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