A sweet combination: sailing boats and German food

Tucked away quite out of sight to the casual observer, in the green paddocks of a suburb called Luddenham lies the yummiest German/Austrian restaurant I’ve yet to encounter in Sydney. It goes by the impressive sounding name of  The Hubertus Country Club and even though it’s a little bit of a drive from…well… anywhere really, the food and ambience is definitely worth it! You’ll have to hold onto your taste buds for a little bit, however, because before we get to the delicious bit I’ve some cool shots of the model sail boats that were merrily tacking and leewaying on the lake in the front of the clubs grounds.

This one was hand built from scratch by it’s owner…he said it had taken him 2 and a half years…partly because he kept getting called out of the shed by his wife…

We visited on a rather chilly winter Sunday…perfect for the warm heartiness of german food…

The restaurant itself is actually a part of the club, so although it is licensed you’ll have to sweet talk hubby into going next door to the bar to buy drinks – but that means pub prices, and they have a german pilsner on tap!!

As an entree we shared the amazing dish called langosh, $7.50. For the uninitiated it’s an airy soft bread that has been fried and is served with a topping of fresh crushed garlic and with a pot of sour cream to dip in – the texture is something akin to an un-sweet krispy kreme donut!

I chose the main course size of the stuffed cabbage rolls, ($24.50, or entree size $14.50), a dense filling of mince and rice encased in cabbage and served in a light tomato broth…those baked potatoes were the best I have ever had, (sorry mum), they were crisp outside, soft and fluffy inside and tasted like no ordinary potato has a right to taste…

MD being MD went for the most meat intensive offering he could find…the gypsy platter, ($32.50). This tower o meat was held together by a wooden skewer and consisted of: baked potatoes on the bottom, then a chicken schnitzel, a pork schnitzel, (both melt-in-the-mouth tender), a kransky sausage, two huge crumbed mushrooms and a lemon wedge!! Artfully heaped onto the plate around the sides was a delicious lemony potato salad, some token pieces of lettuce, and a cubed beetroot salad…

For dessert, (and yes, I know what you’re thinking – how on earth can she fit in dessert after all that food, well, at the Hubertus whatever you can’t eat can be packed into a little container and taken home), so it just had to be the strudel…it was served warm, with big chunks of firm apple pieces and a decadent handful of double cream…and at $8.50 was a steal! 

The Hubertus club has a rather unusual variety of entertainment options: it is also a pistol and rifle club…

the aforementioned model boat club and on the first Sunday of the month offers Fruehschoppen, (home-made German delicacies for sale), as well as old-time dancing in the beautifully decorated auditorium, complete with a live band!


4 Comments to “A sweet combination: sailing boats and German food”

  1. Cool post!

    So nice sailing boats and fantastic photos from them. As a person who visits Germany every two years to drive there fast with own car, it was so interesting to see the restaurant and what it is serving. As an art friend I was delighted to wood carving. Really nice, I love it.

    Thank You very much for this interesting post.

  2. you may not know this yet, but i have a thing for boats, i dont know why.
    so this is just a perfect pleasant surprise to me; suddenly lighten up my mood seeing your post with photos of boats.
    thank you for sharing.
    it made me smile and helped me a bit to move on.

    boats+food = wow!

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