Carey and Co – charming curios in a Kurrajong cottage…

Try saying that six times fast! Another in my series of cool shops in Kurrajong…this little gem is a 1920’s cottage that has been carefully turned into one of those shops where every time you venture into another one of its little rooms you find yourself saying wow!!!

It’s name is Carey & Co, it opens from 9am until 5pm Tuesday – Sunday and just happens to be handily situated right across the road from Sassafras Creek restaurant, (they are both owned by a lovely lady named Natalie)…

From the big…(I seriously fell in love with this lounge)

to the small…(how cute are these hair clips)

For the kids…

to the mums…

and for other assorted odd bods and aunties…

They even sell a book about the history of the Kurrajong area…it has loads of interesting photos…


3 Comments to “Carey and Co – charming curios in a Kurrajong cottage…”

  1. When seeing the first photo, I could not wait more what there will to be seen. How lovely! Really nice presentation of this place.

    It may be curious, but I love most of all the photos presenting stuffed animals – awesome!!!

    I wish to You very happy holiday in warm. Well, here we have had too warm few weeks. Warm to me is 29 & 30 Celsius. It is not exceptional, because every summer it happens.

    Our vacation starts in August and this time our travel goes beyond the Polar Circle.

    • Thanks so much for your lovely wishes Matti – we did have a great time away! Where are you going for yours?

      • So glad to read, that You had great holiday. Well, we start our vacation by going by train and having our car onboard it to Rovaniemi, which is just at the Polar circle. Then we plan to drive alongside the Tana river which is dividing the boarder of Finland and Norway, but driving on Finnish side, as far we can to the most Northern part of Finland. Then we are heading slowly by our car to the South. The exact route is not clear in our mind at this moment, but maybe along the Western coast line. That part of our country is beautiful with its nice small towns.

        Before our trip starts, I will post only three posts every Friday. Then there will be a small break.

        I wish that I could read about Your holiday and to look at Your photos soon.

        Have a happy Tuesday!

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