A retro find in Richmond…

Let’s face it old is in again, and whether you prefer to call it vintage, antique, retro or just plain old, you’ll find something gorgeous at Queenie’s! On the main street of Richmond, it’s cute pink and white striped sign promises a shop full of interesting finds. From the swagged silk ceiling to the wooden counter top inlaid with mother-of-pearl it is an enticing mix of boutique and antique shop.

Straight out of the wardrobe department on Underbelly Razor…silk smalls…

If you pop into Queenie’s you’ll meet the lovely Kimberley…

And while you’re in Richmond there’s a few interesting old buildings to spot…

This is the Richmond School of Arts building…it was first opened in 1861 and is still used by aspiring thespians today…

There are quite a few beautiful Victorian mansions built in Richmond…I’m afraid they’re still privately owned so this is as close as I could get to this one…

St Andrew’s Uniting church was built in 1845, (of course, originally it was a Presbyterian church)…


6 Comments to “A retro find in Richmond…”

  1. What a wonderful “fireworks” of lovely photos! There were many items which I loved. From the top the fourth photo was interesting. Then the second photo from the bottom pleases me highly.

    Thank You very much presenting these “old stuff”.

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. i Love Richmond, my roots are there and Windsor. love that shop, will have to come down that way one day. Great photos, ,love those old buildings,so much better than the mcmansion boxes they build today.

  3. Wait until you see the next post…old building plus cake!!!

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