Would you like a cappuccino with that withdrawal madam?

Wandering somewhat aimlessly around Richmond last week, (it was a lovely sunny Spring day), I came across a very cleverly designed and beautifully executed new hybrid. The owners have taken the old National bank building and turned it into a very glam antique shop merged with a coffee shop that offers a snug reading/sitting corner, indoor and outdoor seating, and a very pretty garden area. I couldn’t resist…

Cleverly called ‘The Bank Bazaar’

 it is open Mon – Fri from 9.30am until 5pm, Saturdays from 9.30am until 4pm and Sundays 10am until 4pm.

This sitting area looked so inviting but since it was such a nice day I opted to sit outside in the garden…

How cool…you can have lunch next to the original vault…

The courtyard area outside is shaded by a huge Jacaranda tree, which will look gorgeous in summer when it flowers…

I chose the smoked salmon and dill rissole, (poor MD had to work so I was flying solo), which was interestingly served with both salsa and a delicious youghurt and cucumber sauce…

And, of course I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to try one of the tempting cakes on show…this one was a coconut and lime…it was quite dense and not overly sweet…


7 Comments to “Would you like a cappuccino with that withdrawal madam?”

  1. Book me in for lunch, wow and the jacaranda tree will be in full bloom then, – love the thought of lunch next to the vault too, some loot might be left and flow out under the door – wishful thinking!

  2. ohhh what a gorgeous building and shop!!!

  3. Holy cow, what a place!

    So much art to see, fantastic. Very beautiful art. Outside area is just that in which I could sit in peace and to enjoy life. Great. This is a very lovely post.

    Have a wonderful day!

    • Thank you Matti, it is a lovely spot…we have a tree called a jacaranda here which is covered in beautiful purple flowers in summer, there’s a huge one over the tables in that courtyard, you would love it!

  4. What a nice place! You’ve got me in the mood to go antique shopping now! I’d love a store of my own like this!

  5. amazing place with uber fascinating things!
    i wouldn’t mind spending the whole day at that courtyard doing nothing but breathe!
    …glorious looking foods btw. 😀

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