My name is Tracey and I like to write, take photos, travel and eat when someone else is doing the cooking. I thought I might combine all these things with a dash of colonial history and, viola, (french for there ya go), a blog is born!

I live in an area of Sydney called the Hawkesbury, a picturesque group of towns bisected by the Hawkesbury river and at the foothills of the Blue Mountains. It was one of the earliest places to be colonised – there is a persistent urban myth around these parts that the local pub, the Macquarie Arms, has tunnels that lead down to the river, for smugglers to bring barrels of rum ashore after dark. I myself am a product of convict ancestry, a fact that I never tire of trotting out to my long-suffering husband who is from the mother country originally.

 Of course I will be focusing on all the quirky, cute, strange, yummy and kitsch things that make our area unique but will also venture afield when I get the chance…so stay tuned folks!

PS. If you are interested in travelling to Bali please feel free to check out my previous blog at: www.balioffering.wordpress.com.

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